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    Success Stories

    Mahomet Chiropractic, Acupuncture, & Massage

    We are committed to empowering everyone in our community with the ability to experience health and wellness.

    How have we helped change your life?


    I cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Walk and his team are! I started seeing him a few years ago after rupturing a disk. After a week of sever pain and loss of feeling and reflexes in part of my leg, I was pain free within 1 week of treatment! I saw Dr. Walk during my second pregnancy and what a difference! I continued working on my feet as a nurse up until delivery without any problems, felt great, and had a much shorter, medication free delivery! When my daughter was born we had a shoulder dystocia. She had some swelling and bruising to her left shoulder and barely moved her left arm at all. I started taking her to Dr. Walk at 1 week and by 2.5 weeks old, she started moving her arm as if there was never a problem! She loves her adjustments! – Bethany

    Since seeing Dr Walk my sinuses have OPENED up and I’m sleeping so much better! I had no idea that Chiropractic care would help me breathe through my nose better than I have in years!!! My body overall just feels better, plus he and his staff are so kind and positive. – Michelle

    It is amazing how much better I am doing. My wife said this is the best mood I’ve been in for a year. – Brandon

    I would encourage any pregnant women out there to receive chiropractic care throughout their entire pregnancy; it will make a world of a difference! – Leah

    Acupuncture helped me with a heart rhythm issue. – Vara

    Helps my dyslexia by adjusting my neck. -Sam

    Chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage have given me my life back. – Jacquie

    Has given me the ability to move and enjoy life again. – Chuck

    Energizing and also relaxing.  I generally feel amazing after both the massage and the adjustment. – Pat

    Ensures overall wellness. I Love Walk Chiropractic! – Jenna

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    Massage Appointments: Available Six Days A Week