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    Success Stories

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    How have we helped change your life?


    A month after having my third child, we became worried when she was unable to keep any of her bottles down. In the middle of her feedings, when we went to burp her, she would have projectile spit up. She and I would both be covered in what she just ate. She was very fussy and we could tell she was hungry and uncomfortable, and knew we had to do something. I didn’t want her to be on reflux medication, so I thought Dr. Walk could help. I had successful adjustments and acupuncture with Dr Walk, before pregnancies, during pregnancies and after. So I wanted to send my daughter to him. Within two visits, she was no longer spitting up and was able to keep her bottles down. She started sleeping better at night, and was an overall happier, and more comfortable baby. Thank you, Dr. Walk, for everything you have done for me and my daughter!!! – Jennifer

    I cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Walk and his team are! I started seeing him a few years ago after rupturing a disk. After a week of sever pain and loss of feeling and reflexes in part of my leg, I was pain free within 1 week of treatment! I saw Dr. Walk during my second pregnancy and what a difference! I continued working on my feet as a nurse up until delivery without any problems, felt great, and had a much shorter, medication free delivery! When my daughter was born we had a shoulder dystocia. She had some swelling and bruising to her left shoulder and barely moved her left arm at all. I started taking her to Dr. Walk at 1 week and by 2.5 weeks old, she started moving her arm as if there was never a problem! She loves her adjustments! – Bethany

    Since seeing Dr Walk my sinuses have OPENED up and I’m sleeping so much better! I had no idea that Chiropractic care would help me breathe through my nose better than I have in years!!! My body overall just feels better, plus he and his staff are so kind and positive. – Michelle

    It is amazing how much better I am doing. My wife said this is the best mood I’ve been in for a year. – Brandon

    I would encourage any pregnant women out there to receive chiropractic care throughout their entire pregnancy; it will make a world of a difference! – Leah

    Acupuncture helped me with a heart rhythm issue. – Vara

    Helps my dyslexia by adjusting my neck. -Sam

    Chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage have given me my life back. – Jacquie

    Has given me the ability to move and enjoy life again. – Chuck

    Energizing and also relaxing.  I generally feel amazing after both the massage and the adjustment. – Pat

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