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    Dr. Walk uses an integrative approach to offer the best care possible for your unique needs. Choose abundant health, happiness, and independence for your family! We love creating wellness in Central Illinois, and helping patients overcome chronic conditions they thought they had to live with. Here’s what some of the members of our practice are saying:

    A month after having my third child, we became worried when she was unable to keep any of her bottles down. In the middle of her feedings, when we went to burp her, she would have projectile spit up. She and I would both be covered in what she just ate. She was very fussy and we could tell she was hungry and uncomfortable, and knew we had to do something. I didn’t want her to be on reflux medication, so I thought Dr. Walk could help. I had successful adjustments and acupuncture with Dr Walk, before pregnancies, during pregnancies and after. So I wanted to send my daughter to him. Within two visits, she was no longer spitting up and was able to keep her bottles down. She started sleeping better at night, and was an overall happier, and more comfortable baby. Thank you, Dr. Walk, for everything you have done for me and my daughter!!! – Jennifer

    Let us help you and your family be well! To schedule your initial exam or consultation, or to get more information, connect with us at 217-586-2000.

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