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    Back pain is a major reason why people seek out help from Chiropractic care.  In fact that is the very reason why I first went to a Chiropractor.  As you read throughout the website you will hear my story about why I decided to become a Chiropractor, but to make a long story short, the Doctor of Chiropractor helped me get out of pain.  Since then, I discovered how Chiropractic offers not only that but so much more.

    How does Chiropractic work?

    To understand how Chiropractic works, you must understand a few concepts.  Most of us, if we think hard enough can answer the question.

    What controls everything that happens in your body?

    Yes, it is your BRAIN!  The brain then sends signals out to the rest of your body through the spinal cord.  Since this spinal cord is so very important you have a spine, composed of 24 vertebrae, to provide protection and allow you to move.  Out between each one of the vertebrae, you have nerves which branch out to every single cell, tissue, and organ of your body.  However, if you have a movement deficiency or even a slight misalignment in your vertebrae (“Vertebral Subluxation”) it is very likely for you to have nerve interference and you will not be able to get the correct signals out from your brain and to the rest of your body.  In other words your body will not be functioning properly and you may experience dis-ease, pain, illness, now or in the future if not taken care of.

    As a human, you are very intelligent and your body is able to heal itself and stay healthy if you give it the chance.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of STRESS we put on our bodies each and every day.  This stress comes from what we eat and drink, our thoughts and worries, and most importantly lack of movement in our spine.  Lack of spinal motion is one of the biggest stressors you will face and this stress will not allow your body to function properly.

    Therefore, it is the job of a Chiropractor to locate “Vertebral Subluxations,” and make specific, gentle adjustments to the spine.  Doing this increases spinal motion and removes nerve interference so that your body can function properly and you can enjoy a healthy life.

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